Antonia Marlowe author
Strange Bodies
A murder mystery

Tortured, murdered … the bodies of the Richardsons spin slowly from a giant fig tree in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Unaware of their fate, Verity Burne is becoming frustrated as she tries to research their mysterious background for RAZZ! an exposé-type TV show.

With local police stymied, former Scotland Yard Commander, Nicholas Adams and his special crimes team, are called in. Recruited from London after losing his home and family in the Food Riots of 2064, Adams finds Australia is happy, healthy and scientifically advanced, though the price paid is monitoring of everyone by the central computer BigSys and the pervasive eyes of cameras that cover the country.

This is the world of 2067 which has survived the end of oil, global warming, terrorism and food shortages, a background to explore the lives and loves of people in a fortress Australia. Petty crime may be almost obsolete but people will always find ways to circumvent systems and to murder each other.

When another tortured body is found deep in the Daintree rain forest of North Queensland, police will take some time to connect the dots and realize it is yet another in a deadly series spanning continents.
And it will take even more killings before they see the links between all these deaths, links that lead to the discovery of past injustices and a thirst for vengeance.

But will Commander Nick Adams and his team be smart enough to catch this clever killer?   And is Verity Burne, whose cyber skills equal those of the murderer, getting too close? Is she already the next target?

In spite of their initial animosity, Verity and Nick cannot ignore their growing attraction for each other. But they will have to put aside their differences and join forces to outwit this sophisticated, but sadistic killer before it's too late.

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